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Socialism in science, or why Open Access may ultimately fail

Open Access (photo by Gideon Burton) “Open Access is the best thing since sliced bread” I hear a lot of scientists say. The blogosphere overflows with enthusiastic support for OA. Hey, even I expressed some guarded optimism in some of my previous posts. This unconditional love for the NewestAndHawtest publishing model is very common, but is it really justified? More importantly still, will those same ardent OA supporters put their money where their mouths are? I am not so sure.



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A cell is a big place – take a closer look inside

My previous post was on looking at things in bulk. Microarrays, gene expression signatures, the context of the cell. This time I want to go the other way. Other than looking at the context of the cell in order to understand all the molecular events that are going on inside, we must also consider the subcellular environment of these events. After all, the cell is not just a bag with all those molecules in it, which is just shaken up from time to time, causing the molecules to interact pretty much at random. What it is, actually, which many people fail to appreciate, and still more find it more convenient to just ignore, is more like a factory. (more…)

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Welcome to Molecular Philosophy

Welcome to my blog! I am a postdoc at a big University in the States. I do research in cancer biology and brain development and repair. I love science and hope that I will be able to work in it all my life. My other passions include computers and electronics, drawing, literature, and tennis. This blog is a compilation of my thoughts on conduct of science, biomed world as a whole, and various other issues that I find interesting or that caught my attention. I hope, my dear reader, that you will find my posts informative, thought-provoking, funny, or possibly all of the above. I am always delighted to discuss the issues that I find important, so please, leave your comment or link to your blog! I will be sure to follow up.

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