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What a drag…. I am writing one of those administrative supplement application thingys to get a chunk of Obama’s ARRA money given to the NIH. It’s a nightmare, because nobody really knows how they will be scored and on what basis. Anyways, just had to let the steam out.
I just thought I would briefly go back to blogging just to get a quick break. Office of Research Integrity keeps finding cases of research misconduct. The latest case is at Harvard, where a sleep physiologist Robert B. Fogel basically fabricated data to support his hypotheses. For a more in-depth explanation, see here, but he did some very impressive bullshitting if I am to judge. Isn’t it funny, that most of these scientific misconduct cases come from such high-profile institutions as Harvard and MIT? Does it mean that they are more easily found out at such institutions due to the impeccable work ethics of the people employed there who turn in their collaborators and supervisors if they see something fishy (ROTFL :-)))), or does it simply mean that there are a lot of people cheating their way into these institutions because the standards they set are too much for some of the more ambitious and less scrupulous bunch? Anyway, I’ll be back with some more blogging once I get that stoopid supplement off my back.


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Who stole the curiosity?

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